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Benefits for Absher cardholders

Benefits Absher Plan 1 Absher Plan 2 Absher Plan 3 Absher Plan 4
Monthly rental AED 129 AED 249 AED 599 AED 250
Local minutes 590 590 240 1,200
Local data 7GB 26GB 58GB 18GB
Bundled local min to preferred number NA NA NA 300 to 1 number
National SMSs NA NA NA 300
Contract period 12 months 12 months 12 months 24 months**
Mobile to mobile call rate AED 0.30/min AED 0.30/min AED 0.30/min AED 0.30/min
Mobile to fixed line call rate AED 0.10/min AED 0.10/min AED 0.10/min AED 0.30/min
Mobile to international call rate AED 1/min AED 1/min AED 1/min Zone 1***: AED 1.2/min (175 countries) Zone 2***: AED 3.6/min (48 countries)
Incoming call roaming rate AED 1/min AED 1/min AED 1/min AED 1.03/min (GCC countries) AED 4.25/min (rest of the world)***

5% VAT excluded

**Absher Plan 4 comes with a special number against the 24-month contract

***International call tariffs for Absher Plan 4:

Zone 1 countries: AED 1.20/min

Zone 2 countries: AED 3.78/min

Zone 3 countries: depending on the destination

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  • eLife Value Packs - Family, Sports, Entertainment, Combo             
  • Free 100Mbps home broadband speed
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If you’re a new Absher customer, simply fill the application form and visit any Etisalat Business Centre. If you’re

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